The impact of Megaevents in Brazil, from World Cup to Olympics

Yesterday ten thousands of Germans celebrated their victory over Argentina. It was the last in a row of games and massive excitement, the finals of the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro. It brings an end to a much disputed event. Now that it is over, all eyes are already on the next event. The day of the finals it was the headline of the Brazilian newspaper Globo: “Faltam 754 dias para as Olimpíadas”, … [Read more...]

Sustainable development in Rio de Janeiro

One of the main benefits of living in Rio de Janeiro is that you have access to all the resources and activities that a big city has to offer, while also having nature surrounding you. From my window I have a good view over Copacabana beach and the sea, Sugar Loaf Mountain and some other green hills. However, I came to realise how all that beauty is in danger. The blue waters look spectacular, but … [Read more...]