Forests in the spotlights: From TED Talks to REDD+ Talks

Two weeks ago, TED Global came to Rio de Janeiro. Four days in a row, speakers tried to enchant the audience with their stories on a variety of topics. Ranging from the future of the indigenous people in Brazil to the development of an encrypted email program for secure communication; Journalists, activists, scientists and artists all tried to squeeze the maximum out of their 3 till 18 minutes of … [Read more...]

Never mind technology, keep it simple

Technology allows us to do magnificent things. Medical operations are executed with minuscule precision and we can travel around the world within a few days. We increase our efficiency by automation, and decrease it by being addicted to social media and smartphones. New technologies allow for travels, mass production and scientific discoveries. Yet, sometimes it is essential to take a step back, … [Read more...]

An integrated approach to increase charcoal production sustainability in Haïti

Charcoal is a main energy source for Haïtians.  Over 90% of the counties’ energy demand is met by firewood and charcoal. Also the millions of Haïtians that stay in the tent camps after the earthquake of 2010, cook predominantly on charcoal. Consequences are large-scale deforestation, soil erosion and land degradation. It makes Haïti increasingly vulnerable for extreme weather conditions such as … [Read more...]