Brazil moves forward: Three steps forward, two steps back

When I moved to Rio de Janeiro about two years ago, I was dazzled by its beauty: the beaches and lagoons, the blue see, the green hills and small islands dispersed along the coast. Three months later I found myself disillusioned: I saw how the sea was polluted by sewages and oil winning activities, how the fish in the lagoon were dying because of poor water quality and how most of the people … [Read more...]

All eyes on Paris: Was the COP20 Summit really that disappointing?

It is 2015! The year in which the UN will set sail for Paris, where a new global post-Kyoto protocol agreement should be formulated. It is one month after the Lima Conference (COP20 and CMP10), and opinions are divided; skeptics and optimists beat the drums with their future telling and warnings. A major concern seems to be if the 2015 Paris agreement is going to be in the slightest bit ambitious. … [Read more...]